MN/WI American Indian Cancer Conference

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Black Bear Casino Resort

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MN/WI American Indian Cancer Conference
Black Bear Casino Resort
October 22-24, 2008

Conference Purpose:
The purpose of this conference is to increase awareness of the burden of
cancer among the American Indian population of Minnesota and Wisconsin. To
provide strategies for prevention, early detection, and to provide current
information on resources to assist American Indian communities in providing
support for their community members experiencing cancer.

€ Describe the cancer burden among the MN/WI American Indian population.
€ Describe recent developments in cancer research which impact cancer
treatment today.
€ Describe the management of cancer patients in a community setting.
€ Identify aspects of American Indian spirituality and the role of
spirituality for the cancer patient.
€ Explain how to access hospice services.
€ Identify resources for emotional support for people with cancer and their
€ Discuss colorectal cancer prevention/screening and advocacy.
€ Discuss breast and cervical cancer prevention/screening.
€ Discuss cancer as a disability and employment rights.
€ Discuss the importance of knowing your family history.
€ Discuss aspects of Clinical Trials and the relevance to cancer treatment.

Who should attend this conference:
Tribal leaders, health care staff, nurses, social services providers,
community members, and anyone interested in cancer disease in American
Indian communities.

For more information contact Deb Susienka
*218-878-2126 or 1-888-888-6007 (Phone)
*218-878-2198 (Fax)
* (e-mail)

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