"Heartbeat of Recovery" - Bloomington Mile- Run/Walk Race

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Walk/Run will begin at Bloomington Ave and Lake St

Events will take place at the Mpls American Indian Center 

Description and details: 

This event is about promoting healing and recovery in our communities by celebrating with a Bloomington Mile Run/Walk from Lake St. to Franklin Avenue and ending at the block of the Minneapolis American Indian Center and Wakiagun House.   At the conclusion of the walk/run their will be an address by National and local leaders along with a picnic and an open Microphone so community members will have the opportunity to share their story of recovery along with music, and the Wellbriety Drums.  This event is comprised of several Native American Non-Profit Organizations and committed community members in partnership with White Bison’s Wellbriety Movement and is part of the National Rally for Recovery


Program Agenda:

 9:00am Registration at Bloomington/Lake location

10:00am Walk/Run Begins

11:00am Speakers: Don Coyhis / Ivette Torres

12:00 pm        Picnic

1:00-3:00 pm    Speakers: Carol Falkowski

                Entertainment includes: Music, Performances and Children’s Activities

                Open Microphone

Invited Speakers:

President and Founder of White Bison, Inc and recognized leader and impetus behind the Wellbriety Movement, Don Coyhis,  SAMHSA, Consumer Affairs Director, Ivette Torres, Department Human Services, Chemical Health Director, Carol Falkowski.

Expected number of participants:  300

Invited Participants/Audience:

Any and all who are in or who support recovery


Primary Contacts                                                                          

Betty R. Poitra



Jackie Crow Shoe

651 431 4676


Secondary Contact:

Michael A. Goze






Kateri Vergez



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