Cloud Man Village Sunrise Ceremony

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Minneapolis 150

Cloud Man Village Sunrise Ceremony

Where: Cloud Man Village Site at Lake Calhoun at Richfield Rd & 36th St.  parking lot on southeast end of lake.When: Sunrise (5:45 AM) Friday July 18thPurpose: City of Minneapolis 150 year Sesquicentennial Event Components: 

1.   Recognize the history and culture of Mdewakanton Dakota people in the Minneapolis area


2.   Recognize Cloud Man’s Village as a symbolic experiment of peace and reconciliation within City of Minneapolis


3.   Began a process of designating the location of Cloud Man’s Village near Lake Calhoun as an historic site within the City of Minneapolis


A. Descendant of Cloud Man welcomes people to the site and provides a brief overview of Cloud Man’s Village

B.  Dakota pipe ceremony

C.  Mayor Rybak response and announcement of establishment of a committee to further research the site for future more proper designation as historic site. Syd Beane, Mdewakanton Dakota descendant of Cloud Man, will serve as Organizing Chair of the committee.

D. Other comments from those in attendance

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