Our goals and objectives

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AICDC is dedicated to providing culturally specific housing and supportive services to the American Indian community in the Twin Cites metropolitan area.
  • Provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing within a primarily American Indian community to homeless persons and provide permanent affordable housing for low and moderate income persons.
  • Provide training and technical assistance to persons within a primarily American Indian community in the areas of housing, rehabilitation, upkeep and maintenance, and management of residential housing units.
  • Conduct research, and gather data to be analyzed to formulate policy in the area of housing. Serve as an information clearing house by providing quality technical assistance and advice to other organizations and persons with similar goals.
  • Engage in demonstration projects which will develop experimental and creative approaches to provide housing within a primarily American Indian community for homeless and low and moderate income per sons with special needs such as chemical dependency, mental health problems, HIV/AIDS-afflicted, and other debilitating conditions.
  • Combat community deterioration in an area primarily populated by American Indian persons by rehabilitating poorly-maintained residential housing units occupied by low- and moderate-income persons.
  • Provide information and advice to homeless, low- and moderate-income persons as to their rights and responsibilities under applicable housing law.
  • Work in cooperation with American Indian tribal governments in social, educational and housing projects which are designed to inform homeless and low- and moderate-income persons about the availability of such programs on or off Indian reservations.

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